About Us

At Dfinity Tech, our team is composed of 10+ years of experience in the areas of  engineering, technology, software development, hardware assistance and office support. This in turn provides your business with the best solutions available at any moment. Trust our expertise to take your business to the next level.

Our team

Quality and professionalism guaranteed

Our workforce in tech solutions guarantees quality and professionalism. With our team of experienced engineers and professional assistants on call, we can assure you of a personal insight into the digital era. We pride ourselves on the best practices to help our clients increase profits and streamline their workflow processes.

CFO - Denisse Garay CRM Manager / Human Resources

Our CRM Manager has extensive experience in managing CRM, Lead Management, Customer Tracking, CSR Management in various systems, User Support in English and Spanish, E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Ads, Translation, and caters to clients across the globe.

COO - Carlos Vasquez Full Stack Developer / Industrial Engineer

Our Full Stack Developer / Industrial Engineer is a software development expert with vast experience in modern technologies and guarantees excellence in his work. He understands your needs and strives to provide the best solutions to increase profits and streamline workflow in a short amount of time.

CEO - Jeffrey Lopez Systems Engineer / Tech. Support

Our Systems Engineer has over 10 years of experience in systems engineering and technical support, including OS updates, improving system performance, and providing expert service to clients worldwide. He holds degrees from top universities, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and outcome.

CIO - Paula Arenas Virtual Assistance / Public Relations

Our Virtual Assistant has extensive experience in digital customer service, lead tracking, and expert handling of the entire Office suite. She manages your schedule, answers calls, and ensures your office stays up-to-date with all your pending tasks while streamlining your processes. She also handles all public relations.
About Our Company

Overcome your limitations and increase your profitability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support to your company, helping you to improve and streamline workflows, increase profits, and provide all the technological solutions that benefit our clients.

How We Approach

We tackle all of your company's challenges with professionalism, always striving for the greatest possible benefit for our clients.